Focus oriented physiotherapy where the body is treated as a whole

By focusing on your symptoms, I will examine your body as a whole and figure out what treatment(s) should be applied to you. I will manually work on your tissues, and often I will instruct you to do particular excercies at home. This will make the treatment as sufficient as posible. I also offer treatment with my K-laser which efficiently works on tissue.

I have broad experience in injuries occurring in the body. I treat urgent injuries, chronic injuries, injuries occuring from excessive training, and more advanced injuries that result in pain and a stressed nervous system.

My biggest experience and passion is when treating

    • Concussions, head trauma and whiplash
    • Heacahce and dizzyness
    • Connecting tissues - e.g. after cancer, radiation- and chemotherapi
    • Urgent and chronic back, neck and shoulder injuries
    • Excessive training leading to injuries

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