A course of treatment begins with a consultation following up with a thorough examination. By looking at your present symptoms, I will examine your body as a whole and evaluate if there is a lack in your moving pattern, if you are lacking flexibility, or if you are lacking otherwise in your body. This can be significant for your body over time. After the evaluation, we will, together, make a plan for your treatment process. Often your personal plan will include manuel treatment, excercises, and perhaps laser therapy. I will of course advise your thoughout the entire process.

Manually, I work with mobilising techniques, connecting tissue techniques, muscleenergi techniques, and biodynamic craniosacral therapy. The treatment of connective issue is essential in my therapy.

The training must vary but at the same time be with a purpose. The excercises focus on the present problem(s) and/or what the body needs to be able to function optimally in usual daily activities, as pain free as possible.

Craniosacral therapy

I also use biodynamic craniosacral therapi to treat patients. This treatment can be booked seperately or be included in the usual treatment.

The treatment is a soft, deep and energetic type of treatment. Here, the body's self healing abilities will be worked with. During the treatment, I will work with your bones, membranes, liquid in your brain (cerebrospinal liquid), muscles, nerves, connective tissues, organs and energy. All these aspects can have an impact on your entire body. Through adequate sentient hands, there will be great oppertunity for relaxing and balancing the nervous system and thereby create a natural flow and balance in your body.

The body is a whole, and if there is an unbalance somehwere in your body, this can affect your entire body - just like pain, unrest, stress and trauma can bother your body as a whole. I will attempt to create the right conditions for your body in order to achieve the wholeness and balance. I especially experience great affect of this treatment when treating concussions, head trauma, unrest, stress, anxiety and shock.


K-Laser is a very sufficient treatment both for urgent and more cronical injuries. The laser increases the circulation of blood and enhances the metabolism in cells. The treatment quickly and sufficiently alleviates and stimulates healing in the damaged tissue. This way, inflamation and pain is reduced whilst better functioning is achieved in the body.

K-Laser affects tissues affectively in different depths. The laser is applied to casual injuries, muscle injuries, and injuries in fibers, joints and bones.

After one to two laser treatments, many patients experience greater flexibility and reduced pain and swellings.

Radiating shockwave

Radiating shockwave loosens up connective tissue three-dimensionally. It is very effective when used for disturbed muscles, tendons and facia.

Shockwave is offered as a supplement to the given treatment and can be applied to, for instance, trigger points, tensed tissue, tennis elbow, heel spur, and problems in achilles, knees, shoulder etc.


I instruct patients individually, but also in teams. The excercises vary whilst still being goal-oriented. They are used to prevent different issues and in general what the body needs to function optimally without pain.

"FysioGym" is a training session in a team which consists of a mix of training concepts that I am educated in, including pilates and Fysio Flow. The training session focuses on flexibility, strength, stability, balance, and neuromuscular control. The session is varied whilst different means will be used.

Teams are run Tuesdays from 14 to 15. Contact Lene via      e-mail or phone for more information.